ESG in Action in Private Equity

Ambienta has made ESG integration a fundamental risk management and shared value creation tool for its private equity portfolio

Ambienta has developed the ESG in Action programme to systematically embed ESG management guidelines and practices into our day-to-day operations. The integration of ESG forms part of Ambienta’s standard operating procedures and is considered integral to the investment process and approach to value creation.

The objective of the ESG in Action programme is to focus activities and efforts to achieve effectiveness rather than breadth. We have constructed the programme so that our ESG commitment does not come second to other managerial goals. We encourage implementation of the ESG in Action programme by providing ownership and accountability to the investment team alongside portfolio companies’ top executives.

We incorporate in the ESG in Action a dedicated Carbon footprinting of each portfolio company to develop a carbon strategy. We report the achievements of our programme against the ESG in Action Plan that each company has to develop and implement.


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Success stories

Natural flavours for food industry | Italy

Nactarome Group (fka AromataGroup)

Machine vision for industry 4.0 | Germany


Highly-efficient hydraulic components | Italy


Distributor of mobile and industrial filters | Switzerland