May 23rd, 2024 | Highlights

Greenwashing in Fashion – A roadblock on the path towards a sustainable textile industry

by Ambienta

The fashion industry is responsible for nearly 10% of global GHG emissions, ca. 20% of polluted industrial wastewater, 1/3 of microplastics released in the ocean and several other irreversible polluting factors such as growing incinerated or dumped textile waste. Greenwashing practices make it difficult for customers to identify fashion business models which truly contribute to reducing adverse environmental effects and therefore hinder a credible transition for the sector towards sustainability. Combating greenwashing practices is crucial in addressing the industry’s growing environmental footprint.

In this Ambienta Sustainability Lens, we examine the obstacles greenwashing presents towards achieving sustainability for the textile industry and explore catalysts we believe can drive economic and investment opportunities

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