June 20th, 2017 | Our lens

Is a protein rich diet an affordable bill for the planet?

by Ambienta

For most of the 2.5 million years of human evolution little has changed in our diet. We know that primitive humans were exclusively hunter-gatherers.

They consumed only raw food before discovering fire. But over the last 10,000 years our diet has changed along with our ability to shape the world according to our tastes and food preferences.

Developments like agriculture, animal husbandry, mechanization and fertilization have allowed humans to build a $5 trillion industry that provides an increasingly sophisticated and rich diet for 7 billion people, even if foodstuffs are unevenly distributed across the globe.

Recently we have come to know the cost of this transformation: 1.5 billion cows graze on pastures that used to be wilderness, fish populations are drastically reduced and soil quality is declining.

While 63% of Americans are overweight, hunger still affects almost 800 million people around the world, despite a slightly improved trend.

Finding the right balance between better diet demanded by a growing population and the effect that has on the environment is crucial for us today and as such, it is a compelling global trend for environment-focused investors.

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