Ambienta X Alpha Fund

Ambienta X Alpha Fund employs a long/short equity strategy to generate attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns by investing primarily in environmentally sustainable investments.

X Alpha combines Ambienta’s deep experience in environmental sustainability investing, in both private equity markets and as advisor of major European asset managers, with a team of top-tier professionals with a consolidated experience in managing alpha-generating absolute return strategies.

The fund is an Irish domiciled UCITS and was launched in May 2020.

The fund is Managed by Ambienta X’s CIO, Fabio Pecce, supported by a full team of Investment Professionals. The team leverages Ambienta’s Sustainability & Strategy team deep experience with the theme.

The fund focuses on European and US companies with market cap above $1 billion, which either leverage a sustainability-driven competitive advantage at attractive valuations (longs), or which are disrupted by sustainability trends (shorts).

The fund has put in place a sophisticated risk management approach. It seeks idiosynchratic (stock-specific) exposure while managing factor or style tilts, and has established a strong trading discipline and use of hedging overlays to reduce tail risks.

As at February 16, 2024 – Fund Inception date: May 5, 2020

Class F (EUR) Accumulation

€ 107,33

Class F (EUR) Distribution

€ 89,55

Class F2 (EUR) Accumulation

€ 1.073,25

Class H (EUR) Accumulation

€ 101,48

Class H (EUR) Distribution

€ 96,91

Class H2 (EUR) Accumulation

€ 1.054,32

Class H (GBP) Hedged Accumulation

£ 102,51

Class H (USD) Hedged Accumulation

$ 105,01

Class M (EUR) Accumulation

€ 109,42

Class M (EUR) Distribution

€ 91,29

Class M0 (EUR) Accumulation

€ 100,58

Class R (EUR) Accumulation

€ 102,43

Class T (GBP) Hedged Accumulation

£ 995,11

Class U (EUR) Accumulation

€ 1.004,91

Class U2 (EUR) Accumulation

€ 1.086,91

Class U2 (CHF) Hedged Accumulation

CHF 981,94

Class U2 (USD) Hedged Accumulation

$ 1.039,17