January 11th, 2018 | Our lens

The electricity transition: 10 years into the game and much more to come

by Ambienta

In the last ten years the energy sector has probably seen more changes than in the previous seventy years.

A wave of growing demography in emerging economies, tightening regulatory pressures in developed economies, advancements in technology and business models have all supported a long lasting transformation.

At the core of the change, is the most intangible form of energy: electricity, the link that connects the future of thermal power plants, car manufacturers in China and your neighbour’s investment for solar panels on his rooftop.

2017 also marked Ambienta’s tenth anniversary. Over these ten years we have witnessed the emergence of renewables, the return (yes, it is a return) of the electric car and the development of smarter electricity networks.

The last ten years have seen some innovations become mainstream while others are yet to realise their full potential.

Using electricity as theme, we aim to describe in this newsletter fulfilled promises, ongoing transformations and the next wave of upcoming changes.