The Firm

Ambienta is a sustainability-focused European asset manager and a leader in applying environmental sustainability trends to investing.

Founded in 2007, Ambienta is one of the largest and most experienced sustainability investors. Operating out of Milan, London, Paris and Munich, Ambienta is focused on investing in private and public companies driven by environmental megatrends.

Today, there is a €3 trillion+ European sustainability-driven investment opportunity, supported by indisputable long-term drivers. Companies whose products and services address global environmental issues of Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control and thus reinforce their long term competitive advantage. Sustainability drives value.

We are an independent partnership and manage more than €3.0bn of assets, in private equity, private credit and public markets. Our investor base consists of a diversified mix of blue-chip global investors, which include insurance companies, banks, pension funds, foundations and asset managers.

We believe that investing in sustainability-driven businesses delivers both top quartile financial returns and measured, solid environmental impact



Piazza Fontana, 6
20122 – Milan

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Maffeistraße 3
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20 King Street, St James
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