ESG in action

Ambienta has developed an internationally-recognised ESG integration programme in its operations and culture.

Our ESG in Action programme operates as a risk management and shared value creation tool for the benefit of all stakeholders. We strive to promote responsible management practices in the industry through pervasiveness within our firm and portfolio companies, effectiveness in execution and direct accountability of investment teams. The programme systematically integrates ESG management guidelines and practices into day-to-day operations at both General Partner and portfolio company-level.

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Responsible Investment Policy

The key elements of the ESG in Action programme must be adhered to at both the portfolio and GP level.

GP level

Ambienta has made ESG integration a key item of our investment analysis and decision-making processes. Our Responsible Investment Policy outlines our commitments, in a form inspired by the Six Principles of Responsible Investment and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which are integrated appropriately within each of our operations. We commit to introducing ESG management within portfolio companies, reporting results to LPs and sharing our achievements with a wider audience. Our investment team is fully accountable of the integration of ESG principles in our portfolio and is instrumental in driving execution.

Ambienta is a signatory of the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
Ambienta is a member of Invest Europe and aims at having an active role and at aligning its operations with the best in class for its size.

Portfolio level

The ESG in Action programme defines at portfolio level a five-step process that drives effective execution from due diligence to exit. This process involves a materiality analysis of key ESG priorities jointly developed by the top management of each portfolio company and the investment team, as well as a dedicated ESG Action Plan. The management of each company is then accountable of implementation and has to report to the board against defined milestones.

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