Ambienta X - Public Market Investments

At Ambienta X, our mission is to generate consistent returns across the whole spectrum of public market opportunities, by leveraging Ambienta’s deep experience and research on environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is the greatest opportunity of our generation and we believe that investing alongside it will help accelerate sustainable solutions while generating attractive financial returns.

Sustainable products and services are a source of long term competitive advantage for a growing number of companies in many sectors and industries. We want to back these companies. We look for this long-term and self-reinforcing competitive advantage across sectors, while the environmental sustainability trend expands in reach and strength and disrupts more industries.

We can leverage Ambienta’s success and experience in environmental sustainability-driven investments, including advising major listed managers for more than a decade, to capture opportunities in the public markets and drive alpha.

Our team is composed of top tier professionals coming from leading institutions in public market strategies.

We employ a comprehensive risk management framework, using proven systems and in close alignement with the investment process. This represents a key pillar of all our investment strategies.

We partner up with our dedicated Sustainability & Strategy team, that continually maps the effects of environmental trends across sectors and value chains: there is a continual research-led, deep-dive analytical approach to evaluating the universe of companies that fall within Ambienta’s primary target markets.

Ambienta X embraces the highest standards in terms of sustainability integration. We incorporate sustainability considerations from valuation of sustainability risks during the investment process, through to engagement and to monitoring of adverse impacts related to sustainability of our holdings.

Similarly to the Environmental Impact Analysis used for our private equity and credit divisions, we have developed a proprietary scoring approach to assess the extent to which each single listed company we invest in contributes to environmental sustainability.

Sustainability Scoring System

We believe that integrating ESG considerations into the investment process can inform investment decisions and contribute to the generation of attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns over the medium to long-term.

The fund leverages Ambienta’s award-winning ESG in Action programme to identify compelling investment opportunities by conducting fundamental analysis that includes ESG factors, and to provide active stewardship and advocate for a sustainable future.

We recognize our responsibility to engage with companies on material ESG issues, and advocate for sound governance and long-term sustainable practices, to ensure our clients’ interests are represented and protected.

ESG in Action programme

Our investment strategies

Coherently with the innovative spirit of Ambienta, who successfully pioneered environmental investing in Private Equity in Europe, within Ambienta X we have launched  a suite of products that are first of their kind.