Nactarome Group (fka AromataGroup)

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Environmental Thesis

Nowadays there are more than 70,000 chemical products in the world, with the vast majority being harmful to human health and to the environment. The substitution of synthetic (oil-derived or inorganic chemicals) flavours and colours with raw materials from natural origins, which are renewable in nature and do not pose any health issues, is becoming a preferred choice of industrial players and consumers in the food value chain. Thanks to its leadership position, Nactarome Group is proactively supporting the shift toward natural-based products via a significant development plan that already translated in year-on-year growth rate for natural-based product in excess of 10%. In the coming years, Nactarome Group’s commitment to further develop its natural products portfolio will represent the most significant growth driver with the aim to address the increasing demand for more healthy and sustainable products.


Nactarome is a buy-and-build project promoted by Ambienta and aimed at creating the leading European player in the development and manufacturing of natural flavors and colors used particularly in the Food & Beverage industry. In line with this strategy Ambienta invested in Aromata, a leading Italian manufacturer of natural flavors and colors for the food industry in November 2018. Subsequently to the acquisition of Aromata, six other companies were merged into Nactarome: IPAM in July 2019, Nactis in December 2019, Create Flavours in April 2020, Taste Connection and Pharmorgana in March 2021, FIAS in November 2021.

In February 2022, Ambienta sold Nactarome and reinvested in the deal alongside the management team and the new owner, retaining today an equity minority position in the company. Subsequently to the sale, four other companies have been acquired by Nactarome: Trablit in February 2023, Foodtaste in March 2023, Calaf Nuances in May 2023 and Royal Buisman in May 2023.

Nactarome, manufactures natural flavors and colors that enable food producers to substitute synthetic and chemicals-based flavors with natural ones which are produced from raw materials which are not chemically derived and are renewable by definition. Today, Nactarome is a truly international players with a widespread manufacturing footprint across Europe, employs more than 550 people and serves more than 5,000 customers internationally.

Environmental Impact

Ambienta only invests in businesses which have a positive impact on the environment through either, or both, a Resource Efficiency or Pollution Control contribution. Our proprietary methodology, the Environmental Impact Analysis, allow us to measure the contribution of different businesses to sustainability in terms of Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control which we capture through 11 Environmental Metrics.
For each portfolio company we report its impact in relation to our metrics.

Pollution Control

Nactarome Group’s contribution to Pollution Control is summarised by the following Environmental Metrics and SDGs.

Pollutants Avoided

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Methodology and Metrics are fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015. Through our investment scope definition that focuses on products and services that improve Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control we fully capture 10 of the 17 Goals and their respective sub-goals.
For each portfolio company we report its impact in relation to the SDGs.