Next Imaging

Environmental Thesis

Machine vision systems are strong drivers of resource efficiency improvements through numerous production processes and vertical markets, thereby delivering substantial environmental benefits.

These systems determine for a wide range of industrial applications, as for instance waste sorting and print inspection systems, increased production yields, reduced production scraps (waste) and, therefore, improved resource efficiency and pollution control.


Next Imaging is a buy-and-build project promoted by Ambienta and aimed at creating an international platform of imaging distributors.
Ambienta recognized early the importance of machine vision for more sustainable manufacturing having promoted back in 2012 Lakesight Technologies, the successful buy-and-build project in machine vision that was then divested in 2018. On the back of this experience, in December 2018 Ambienta launched Next Imaging, a consolidation project in the value-added distribution of imaging and machine vision solutions. The platform encompasses iMAGE-S, the Italian leader acquired in 2018, and 1stVision, the leading distributor in North America acquired in 2020.

Today Next Imaging represents the partner of choice for a blue-chip customer base represented by the most important automation and technology groups in Italy and North America, all leaders in their respective businesses, offering a wide and complete product portfolio encompassing more than 200,000 SKUs and acting as a one-stop-shop for machine vision applications. The company has its headquarters in Italy and US, as well as a presence in Germany, and a workforce of c.50 employees.

Environmental Impact

Ambienta only invests in businesses which have a positive impact on the environment through either, or both, a Resource Efficiency or Pollution Control contribution. Our proprietary methodology, the Environmental Impact Analysis, allow us to measure the contribution of different businesses to sustainability in terms of Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control which we capture through 11 Environmental Metrics.
For each portfolio company we report its impact in relation to our metrics.

Resource Efficiency

Next Imaging’s contribution to Resource Efficiency is summarized by the following Environmental Metrics and SDGs:

Food Saved

Pollution Control

Next Imaging’s contribution to Pollution Control is summarized by the following Environmental Metrics and SDGs:

Materials Recycled

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Methodology and Metrics are fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015. Through our investment scope definition that focuses on products and services that improve Resource Efficiency and Pollution Control we fully capture 10 of the 17 Goals and their respective sub-goals.
For each portfolio company we report its impact in relation to the SDGs.